Welcome to Maxim Properties, your full service brokerage firm offering buyers and sellers in the greater Detroit area boutique, concierge style real estate assistance in all transactions. Maxim properties has created a unique real estate transaction experience for clients by combining results driven financial planning services with traditional agent responsibilities. Maxim Properties pride themselves on providing first time home buyers and longtime investors alike sound advice in all matters real estate. These extraordinary services are offered to clients as completely complementary. To their clients' advantage, the founders of Maxim Properties are of varied and thorough investment backgrounds; Craig Schembri a successful private wealth manager and Morris Hall Jr. the manager of a large real estate portfolio held by some of the nation's largest financial institutions. From these unique and diversified perspectives Maxim Properties is able to provide you with the sound real estate advice that you absolutely need in this challenging economic climate. Further, all financial reviews, considerations and advice relating to your real estate transaction are provided at absolutely no additional cost. Over the last five years the real estate market has changed significantly. It is now more important than ever to be an informed buyer or seller. Now is the time to start thinking like an investor. At Maxim Properties we are committed to educating our clients utilizing the insider knowledge that we have cultivated over the past 30 years. We know that in today's market choosing just any real estate agent could result in a buyer or seller being in a very precarious financial situation. When you work with us at Maxim Properties you are assured that we will evaluate your potential real estate transaction as if it were our own. Your dedicated broker will analyze your current financial situation and evaluate your long term goals as they walk you through the process of buying a home that best enhances your portfolio. While other real estate agents may use historical data in an effort to assess the real market value of a property, we at Maxim Properties prefer to use real-time micro and macro-economic trends to provide clients with the real asset value of a property. Other real estate agents are continuously ignoring the fact that we are in a completely different market to the one we were in just a few years ago. In today's market property values are fluctuating constantly. Because our focus is on the economics of real estate transactions, Maxim Properties agents are better able to see the factors that are influencing property values and assess these against your short and long term goals with the property. We analyze micro-economic factors, such as location, replacement cost, supply and demand conditions, and competition from comparable properties together with macro-economic forces, like employment growth, consumer spending, interest rates, and inflation. Through this careful analysis we are able to specifically assess the goals of our customer and the return on a property in order to make sound, profit-derivative offers.Maxim Properties offer these client dedicated services without additional cost. Our goal is to enhance your financial security while meeting all your real estate needs. Call Maxim Properties at 888.317.1671 so we can discuss your financial goals and find your dream property today.