Morris Hall Jr

A graduate of the University of Michigan, Morris earned 2 BA degrees in 4 years. He is also a graduate of Wayne State University Law School. He has earned honor(s) of Distinguished Mediator and Master Negotiator from the Straus Institute of Dispute Resolution. Over the last 20 years Morris has been refining both his Real Estate and Mortgage skills to become one of the Top Brokers in the Nation. Morris has been a Mortgage Professional since 2004 and a Real Estate Broker since 2005. His clarity and understanding of the fundamentals of all things Real Estate are best in class. Morris’ sports background and investment experience has had an enormous impact on the way he trains his staff. He continually demonstrates teamwork and self- sacrifice for the greater good and strongly believes in leading by example. This ideology has proven very successful over his 20 year professional career. Morris prides himself on building his companies by carefully and selectively hiring professionals that exhibit integrity and are highly motivated. Morris personally trains his team members to use a client centered approach. His philosophy of putting the clients’ interests first guarantees a successful client experience. As a long-time resident of Farmington Hills Morris understands the importance of community, he has sat on the Board of his HOA and continues to support his community volunteering his time, energy and expertise. Morris enjoys spending time with his family, golfing and traveling.